What Raw Trenbolone Acetate is good, light yellow or dark yellow?

What color of raw Trenbolone Acetate is good? Very light yellow, light yellow, or dark yellow, darker yellow Trenbolone Acetate?


You best choice the light yellow, or dark yellow Trenbolone Acetate powder when you mixed and marked finished oil.

A fresh batch of Trenbolone Acetate powder the color is light yellow, and when the Trenbolone Acetate become dark after long exposure to sunlight.



Light yellow Trenbolone Acetate is good quality and the finished oil is yellow transparent liquid, when the fresh Trenbolone Acetate leave for about half a year, It’s going to get deep and deeper yellow , at the moment the qualtiy still good, and the finished oil is deep yellow transparent liquid. Raw Trenbolone Acetate is easily degraded and oxidized then become darker yellow begin after half a year, the longer the time, the darker the color. Probably darker yellow Tren Ace contains more trenbolone base in the powder than acetate ester and the finish product also very dark and not as stable in a higher concenration as it should be, the finished oil is a cloudy dark liquid.










Verdict: We recommend to choose a fresh batch to buy, and dissolve it into a finished product within six months after purchase. Choose to save in a completely dark, dry and ventilated environment, so raw trenbolone Acetate can save longer.


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