Mibolerone powder

Mibolerone powder for bulking muscle

CAS Number: 3704-09-4
Formula: C20H30O2
Molar mass: 302.4558 g/mol
Brand names: Cheque Drops

Purity: 99%

Appearance:White powder

Mibolerone Describe

Mibolerone, also known as Cheque Drops, is the most powerful steroid on the market today. Originally, it was used by veterinarians to prevent ovulation in female dogs. It is a very controversial drug and there are as many arguments for using it as there are against its use.
Mibolerone is the harshest steroid on the market today, so much so that consumers are advised to take it for only two weeks and never during a cutting cycle. It is nearly six times as anabolic and 2.5 times as androgenic as testosterone. If you would expect a steroid this powerful to have side effects you would be correct. Its high androgenic properties can cause Gynecomastia. It is very toxic to the liver and users are advised to make sure their liver is functioning well before taking it.
Women rarely take Mibolerone because it is particularly virulent to the female body. It can cause spontaneous abortion and if the fetus survives it could be born with a diseased or non-functioning liver. Women also experience the growth of facial hair and the Adam’s apple, severe acne and deepening of the voice when they take this particular steroid.

Dosage of Radjay Mibolerone Cheque Drops powder

Mibolerone is commonly used about 30 minutes before a competition, because the drug features a short half-life. The mode of taking this medicine is sublingual ingesting, that is placing a tablet of Mibolerone under the tongue. This way of use allows to get the immediate aggression and strength increase. The action of this drug ends in about 4 hours, then the substance is removed from the human body.

A common dosage is about 5 mgs of Mibolerone that should be taken 30 minutes before an important moment of training or competition. Usually, this drug is taken alone, without stacking with other remedies.

Generally, unlike many other anabolic drugs, Cheque drops are not used during a cycle. This is only a pre-event steroid that makes the aggression and competitive drive stronger. A short course of administration and low dosages make using Mibolerone for muscle gaining mass senseless. On the other side, taking it longer or in higher dosages can promote health problems. As Mibolerone’s half-life is quite short, the drug should be taken 30 minutes before competition.